Our Team

Cedarwood Veterinary Clinic’s experienced support staff of Client Care Specialists, Certified Veterinary Technicians, Animal Health Technicians, and Animal Care Assistants strive to provide personalized, compassionate care for our patients and clients alike.

Client Service Representatives


Astrid at Santa Fe Animal Clinic

Astrid was born in Namibia, Africa and raised in Brussels, Belguim. After majoring in Art History, she worked with the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, Austria for 14 years where she met her husband and moved with him to the US. Astrid has worked at Cedarwood since 2010. She lives with 5 dogs, 2 cats, and frequently fosters dogs for a rescue group. The husband doesn't mind!

Veterinary Technicians and Assistants

Katherine - Technical Supervisor

Team member Katherine at Cedarwood Veterinary ClinicAs a young woman Kat dreamed of being a veterinary technician. Fainting at the site of blood kept her from pursuing that dream. Many years and life experiences later, no longer fainting, she decided to pursue that dream of being a veterinary technician and has worked as a technician since 2011. When Cedarwood needed a new hospital manager, Kat decided to combine her years in the business world with her passion for the critters and accepted the position.

When not at the clinic, Kat enjoys hiking, camping, exploring and working on her home which she shares with 2 spoiled dogs and 1 bad cat.


Team member Becky at Cedarwood Veterinary ClinicBecky was born and raised up on a farm and ranch in Oklahoma.  She moved to Santa Fe in 2005 when she began work at Cedarwood. Her favorite past time is her job working with pets.


Team member TJ at Cedarwood Veterinary ClinicTJ Lee brings many years of talent to Cedarwood.  She has worked over 20 years as a veterinary technician, including 14 years in emergency medicine.  Before moving to the veterinary field, TJ worked as s a certified nursing assistant.  It was her life long love of animals that made her decide to pursue nursing in the veterinary field.  TJ says it makes heart happy when an animal can be saved and/or healed and enjoys seeing the owners satisfied.

When she is not helping the much loved animals, TJ enjoys basket weaving, cooking and silversmithing.